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22 March 2021

After nearly nine years sourcing real estate assets in and around London I am delighted to announce an important milestone in the evolution of our business, as we unveil our new company name. As some of you may know I set up Hyde Park Residential back in 2013 originally focusing on the acquisition of real estate assets in central London.

This activity is still at our core but over the years we have expanded the business to cover a broader segment of the real estate sector. We have also invited new partners along this journey and today work very closely with Burlingtons Group in London.

Together we now decided the take our relationship a step further and I am pleased to inform you that as of today we are equal partners in the business. As a result of this investment in the company we will be rebranding and renaming the Company ‘Burlingtons Real Estate Advisory Limited’.

This is a very exciting development for all of us because it enables us to keep on strengthening the infrastructure and service offering of the company whilst still deliver the same level of service to our clients.

This initiative will also bring together our expertise and track record in the real estate market and the tremendous network and professional services of Burlingtons Group.It is also testament to the high level of service we delivered to date, and we remain committed to ensure that we keep this up in the years to come.

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