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Rental Searches

Rental Searches

Service overview

This service is very similar to our search and acquisition service with the main difference of course being that we would be sourcing a rental property.

When trying to secure a good rental property speed is of the essence. Good properties do not remain on the market for long so the process is far quicker and more intense than an acquisition. This requires quick thinking and the ability to access the right properties within a short period of time.

Fees and pricing

Our fee is equal to 10% of the annual of the property being rented and is payable on the signing of a tenancy agreement. We require a small, non-refundable registration fee at the start of any search which is then deducted from the final success fee. There is no time limit imposed on our mandates.
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Rental Searches

Service highlights

Due to the fast-paced nature of the rental market, understanding your requirements is crucial, so that we can assess the market and only bring properties to your attention that fit the brief, in turn saving you time. To help us understand your requirements and refine what you are looking for we will go through our rental questionnaire with you to keep the search focused on your key requirements.
When we commence the search, due to our established professional relationships we are able to cover the entire market and have access to pre-market, open market and off market properties. We will consider a vast majority of properties and only bring to your attention properties that are in line with the agreed specifications.
Once a property has been identified and an offer has been accepted, we will coordinate all matters including dealing with the letting agent, agreeing a rental contract, switching of utilities and move-in support.
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