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Residential Developments

Residential Developments

Service overview

Demand for housing in London is mainly driven by the expected growth in London’s total resident population. This is expected to reach 10m by 2030 from the current 8.9m.

This situation has created a large imbalance between the demand and supply of affordable housing across the UK. In London alone, this shortfall in the supply of affordable homes is estimated to be around 30,000 homes a year.

This mismatch between supply and demand has prompted us to actively work alongside investors and developers mostly through commonly used joint venture structures to build residential accommodation in this segment of the market.

Our role is that of facilitating the flow of capital from investors to builders in order to build residential development projects in the affordable segment of the market in London.

Fees and pricing

The level and the structure of our fees are agreed with our clients on a project by project basis since not every transaction is the same, however they are usually success based. Registration fees do not apply to this service unless we are engaged to carry out a specific search.
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Residential Developments

Service highlights

Through our years of experience and knowledge along with the residential housing crisis facing the UK, we have identified the affordable housing market outside of central London as an ideal market to achieve above average returns.
To take advantage of this opportunity, we have spent an extensive and thorough amount of time carrying out due diligence on property development companies who share our vision and have the capability to deliver the required investment returns.
To achieve these returns, we couple investor capital with projects in the affordable housing market primarily outside central London. We only select projects that are proposed by developers that have a proven track record to deliver projects on time and in budget and passed our rigorous due diligence.
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