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Rob Prince

Managing Director  London Office

Background & experience

Rob Prince is an esteemed Operations Director with a pronounced footprint in the commercial property and investment sector. His robust corporate journey started with training at renowned establishments like Luminar Leisure Plc, Springwood Leisure Plc and Rank Leisure.

Rob rose to prominence at Findel Plc, steering a £100 million European business segment. In 2007, Rob's expertise was sought by Commercial Group Properties Plc, a global property developer, where he led both residential and commercial land teams, overseeing intricate projects across Europe to South East Asia.

With the company's evolution to China Gateway International Plc, Rob became pivotal in liaising with international banks and UK government entities. His directorial roles in the East Kent and Dover District Chamber of Commerce, combined with his significant presence in the Kent property market, mark his influential position.

Rob's collaborations with industry leaders, his navigation through complex planning applications, and media appearances on platforms like BBC and ITV further accentuate his stature in the real estate domain.

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