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Unlock the Potential: Invest in UK Residential Property in 2024

1 December 2023

Embrace the Wisdom of Investment:

In the words of the legendary investor Warren Buffet, ‘now is the time to seize opportunities’.

As we bid farewell to the challenges of 2023, the UK residential property market stands poised for a resurgence in 2024. Let's briefly touch on some of the compelling reasons why you should consider investing in UK residential real estate in 2024.

Economic Outlook:

Despite challenges like high inflation and stagnant output in 2023, the second half of 2024 promises a very robust recovery. Anticipate further easing of inflation, hitting the Bank of England's 2% target by early 2025. This together with the expected shift from raising, to cutting interest rates will stimulate growth and support real income.

Political and Economic Factors:

The upcoming 2024 general election introduces potential tax changes by the Conservative party to boost ratings. These are likely to produce favourable opportunities for investors, not least those in the real estate sector.

Interest Rates and Monetary Policy:

The Bank of England's decision to maintain interest rates at 5.25% in 2023, coupled with anticipated rate cuts in 2024, creates a favourable environment for investors. Lower rates are expected to stimulate economic activity, benefiting both occupiers and investors particularly those who use non sterling sources of funds.

Residential Property Market Outlook:

In 2024, expect a strong rebound in the residential property market. Falling inflation, improved mortgage affordability, and a competitive lending landscape will be the driving forces. Challenges in housing supply persist, but robust demand supports the housing market.

UK Rental Market

Driven by people moving back to UK city centres following the ‘exodus’ during the pandemic, chronic undersupply of new properties in the market and a huge increase in demand, average rental prices throughout the UK increased by 5.1% in the 12 months to June 2023. Leading experts forecast that rental prices will grow by 15.9% between 2023-2027, as the UK market continues to grow alongside increased demand. With the UK economy faring better than expected in terms of unemployment and GDP growth, the UK property market forecast suggests that this rental growth is sustainable going forward.

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